Is paying for my order online secure?

Yes! We are dedicated to ensuring that our customer’s safety comes first and thus ensure that we have the most stringent security measures in place. All our payments are processed through PayPal ensuring that your security is never compromised. No payment information is ever stored making it 100% safe and secure for our customers. We have also added[…]

What payment options do you offer?

We have chosen PayPal as our payment processing partner. PayPal are known for being a trust-worthy, simple and secure checkout experience.

How much do your leggings cost?

We have extremely competitive pricing on leggings which typically range between $25 and $45 per pair of leggings.  Penny Stitch Co. are constantly updating our styles and we run special offers from time to time which results in slashed pricing on our leggings. You can come check back at any point to see if we are[…]